birth of communication

with everyday that passes
we’re getting better
no longer terrified to pick up the phone
I am learning to let you inside my mind
my words finding a new home
in the depths of your smile
the desire for expression
outweighing the tendency to shut down


polka dots

my sister
we have grown together since the fourth grade
and we now we grow into adults
navigating the sea of careers
the stressful nights
the doubts about our choices
through it all, you have remained my confidant
always there to listen with a patient ear
never complaining when the darkness of my mind
consumed my being and left me stranded
because you always picked me up and remind me
that I am capable of doing big things
and I know I owe my thanks to you
the one who made me laugh
when I could not see through my tears
it is you who instantly reminded me that I am worth it
that I can do what I set my mind to

my words will never amount to the appreciation
that fills my entire being
and for what it’s worth, I want to thank you
because through it all,
you have always been my best friend

looking to tomorrow

I admire your mind,
your ease with words
Your presence brings me comfort
that my body never knew it was lacking

I am whole because you have found me,
no longer searching for what I lost
Your energy echoes through me
replenishing my soul with passion that erases the pain

In the midst of my despair
you have given me a life to look forward to
you are the reason that I haven’t left,
you are the reason I still try

waning crescent

hello sweet knuckles
bleed for me
make me cringe
make me hide

I don’t plan on sticking around
that’s why I don’t make plans

not even scarred
just internally wounded
and sewed unevenly
under surveillance

the heart is fragile
and mine is empty
but bursting with love
for the broken and sad